These chunky earbuds with built-in cooling fan are made for people with hot ears

On the streets all around, one can see people hooked onto their audio-listening gadgets. Some sport headphones while others dissolve the ambient world around them with the noise isolating earbuds. While the former are a bit light on the ears, the latter can damage the ears if not used in moderation. Being a fan of earbuds, I’m always wary of not using them too long, at high volume levels.

Even though I listen to my favorite pair of Elite 10 earbuds for a prolonged duration of time (yes, they are that comfortable) at volumes that are well below the recommended 80-decibel mark, the only problem is the build-up of dust and air blockage. Wear them on hot days and you have a build-up of sweat which is not good in the long run as it can cause problematic ear infections.

Designer: BEBOP Design

This concept pair of earbuds eliminates any moisture build-up or uneasiness due to trapped heat since it comes with an in-built electric fan. Yes, you read that right, the DearBuds SE earbuds do look bulky but they are the optimal choice for people who sweat a lot and can’t live with the irritating feeling of hot ears. The design of these earbuds resembles a fused set of pebbles with a vent in between to facilitate smooth airflow. The built-in sensors detect the temperature inside the ear canal and set the fan into action as soon as the temperature rises.

You can safely call these chunky earbuds the “wearable ear dehumidifier” suited for really hot climate zones. The size can be the only deal breaker as current-gen earbuds like the Jabra Elite 10, Apple AirPods, Sony WF-1000XM5 earbuds, or Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds are considerably smaller in size compared to this one. The size of the earbuds doesn’t leave much room for space in the charging case, hence, to keep the overall size of the case down, the closing lid is eliminated. Each of the buds stack on each other and the top one doubles as the charging port.

Definitely, these are not the ones to choose if you are a sleeptime music listener or even for active individuals who like to hit the gym. The only advantage here is the inclusion of a cooling solution that will come in handy for hot ears.