The Buxton Tiny Home Is The Ultimate Travel-Friendly House For Those Who Love A Life On The Go

Dubbed the Buxton tiny home, this comfy little house is designed by Modern Tiny Living. The home’s star feature is its compact and space-saving layout which allows it to work well as a full-time home especially if the owner loves to travel, or even as a guesthouse. It can accommodate four people, although it may be a bit of a tight fit. The house is named Buxton in honor of a lighthouse in Buxton, California. It features a length of 20 feet and is priced at $US79,000. The Buxton tiny home is quite small compared to typical North American tiny homes, but this enables it to be towed around with ease.

Designer: Modern Tiny Living

Based on a double-axle trailer, the home is finished in engineered wood, and topped with a steel roof. The home is powered via a standard RV-style hookup. The interior of the home is airy and quite light-filled, owing to the generous glazing spread throughout the home. The interior is finished in poplar tongue-and-groove paneling and paired up with vinyl flooring. As you enter the living room, you are welcomed by a sofa bed that occupies most of the floor space and can sleep two people. The bed is also integrated with some handy storage space, as well as some shelving and a bookcase. It is equipped with a mini split air conditioning unit, which keeps the home pleasant and comfy.

The living room and kitchen are directly connected. As you move on to the kitchen, you are greeted by stainless steel countertops, a sink, cabinetry, a mini-fridge, as well as some big closet space. There is also sufficient space to install more appliances if need be. The bathroom is located close by, and it is a compact space housing a shower and a flushing toilet.

The Buxton Tiny Home only includes one bedroom which can be accessed via a storage-integrated staircase. This room is marked by a double bed and low ceiling, and is like most loft-style bedrooms you see these days in tiny houses. The house is designed be to a barebones tiny house model, and the price tag can be increased or decreased, depending on the appliances, materials, and setup you settle for.