New Age Noah’s Ark

Do you ever think about how Noah’s Ark will look like in this modern age? Don’t think too much, because I have it right here for you: The Neo Noah; a modern structure with all amenities and facilities to sustain a whole township, should a natural calamity arise. Taken into consideration are open spaces, eco living and hydropower supply. The architecture is flamboyant and keeping in line with the new-age syndrome, however the efficiency can only be judged once the concept leaves the paper, manifests and is used under the predictable dire circumstances.

Designer: Cha Eunjin



    excellent proposal

  • tryner says:

    Wow. Fantastic. Very well thought out and with a great style to it.

  • Quintin says:

    I like the concept. It would be better if it was designed to be affordable to build, as well.

  • amornkiat amornsane says:

    u have inspriration very ossum in this concept , i impression to consider ur concept. all mode present this work very ossum also u had hight skills wrote ur mental images in this programs. u yet have strinkinly to much visit while u comment ur building design.
    with sincerely

  • Ray says:

    If you’re going to make a city that floats why not just build it on water? You would be able to harvest tidal energy regardless of situation. You would be earthquake proof (only things that might get destroyed are the roads/bridges leading off from the mainland). Food will be plentiful and can be grown/farmed (fish/kelp). Give it enough of a ballast (think that’s the right word) and you won’t have to worry about it tipping over. It could become mobile should the current area/environment become unsuitable for life (ex. seismic activity causes volcanic activity). The only real problems would be cost (which your design doesn’t really seem to care about anyways) and erosion/oxidation.

  • Ray says:

    One final thought… Not sure how many people would trust living on a structure that only relies one a few supports to hold it up? These structures would also be a tempting target for a ‘unnatural’ calamity.

  • Hunter says:

    FYI: earthquake + ocean = tsunami.
    Good luck riding that one.

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