This Stationery Set Of The Future Unlocks Unique Opportunities For Designers And Artists

The advancement of a society is determined by the tools it uses. That’s why we labeled epochs by materials, like the stone age, bronze age, iron age and the industrial age. With how much design and art has evolved over the past few decades, it really doesn’t make much sense using stationery tools from centuries ago. Gone are the days of relying on protractors and set-squares, the folks at Ddiin have designed something new, the Exlicon L is an all-encompassing toolkit that combines clever detailing with new-age requirements. With 3 tools that achieve a variety of unique tasks, the Exlicon L lets you master distances, circles, arcs, parabolic curves, triangles, and the golden ratio – one of nature and visual design’s most prominent templates.

Designer: Ddiin Concept Ltd./ Sofia Lee Pik Shan

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Sofia Lee, the visionary behind Ddiin, founded the company in 2019, winning over 30 design awards (like the iF Design Award and IDEA Award) for their unique spin on stationery and their commitment to enhancing the functional aesthetics of design tools. The Exlicon L is perhaps their most extensive toolkit yet, designed to allow web designers, graphic designers, architects, artists, industrial designers, fashion designers, and more to effortlessly create shapes and lines that adhere to the golden ratio—a universally admired aesthetic standard that imbues works with a natural sense of harmony and balance.

The golden ratio is a mathematical concept that describes a perfectly balanced and visually pleasing proportion found in nature and design. It is approximately 1.618, and can be expressed mathematically as follows: φ = (1 + √5) / 2

We are inspired by the golden ratio in nature and architecture.

The toolkit is cleverly engineered to be compact yet comprehensive, accommodating a wide array of design needs. It includes tools like the TG, Triangle, and Circle, each crafted to facilitate the creation of precise geometric shapes, golden spirals, and thick lines, all within the palm of your hand. The precision of these tools addresses a common challenge in freehand drawing—achieving accurate proportions without traditional measuring devices, which can often disrupt the creative flow.

The design of the Circle Tool has a broad spectrum of radius sizes enabling a total of 112 circles to be drawn.

One of the set’s key components, the Circle Tool, addresses a longstanding challenge for artists seeking to master circles and arcs. The tool lets you easily draw as many as 112 circles of different diameters, using pencils, pens, and even thick markers. Three measuring scales built into this tool let you capture distances including metric and imperial linear distances for radii and diameters, or even measure circumferences with a length of up to 18 centimeters. Unlike any existing circle-master, this tool gives you mastery over radial lines too, as well as allows you to quickly make mandalas and other geometric patterns.

Extending the Circle Tool’s functionality is the Golden Ratio Tool Set, comprising the TG Tool and Triangle Tool – each brimming with functionalities designed to streamline the creative process. Imagine incorporating golden spirals, precise angle measurements, and a ruler seamlessly into your workflow – all within a single, portable, and user-friendly toolset.

The TG Tool

Parabolic Curve

The TG Tool is quite unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Modeled on the shape of a golden spiral, the TG Tool gives you mastery over one of the oldest ratios based on the Fibonacci sequence found in nature. This sequence helps determine proportions and can be found in nature, architecture, art, and practically every phase of life. The golden ratio, roughly equal to 1.618, is a mathematical formula that embodies perfect balance and aesthetic appeal, frequently observed in nature and artistic masterpieces. Traditionally, achieving this ratio with freehand techniques has been a frustrating exercise, often requiring rulers, dividers, and a healthy dose of guesswork. The Exlicon L TG Tool eliminates this frustration. The ingenious tool comes with 3 spirals of 55.7, 51.7 & 47.4 mm radii, allowing you to draw spirals, plot details along the golden curve, make isosceles golden triangles, and even draw parabolic curves with sheer certainty.

The Triangle Tool

Finally, the Triangle Tool enables the creation of a series of golden triangles, which are essential for designs that require rigorous proportionality and aesthetic alignment with the golden ratio. It features various marking groups that guide the user in drawing triangles starting from different base lengths, such as 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100 mm. Each marking group is distinctly designed—solid, hollow, and semi-circular—to facilitate easy identification and use, making this tool incredibly user-friendly and efficient for both professional designers and hobbyists aiming for precision in their creative endeavors.

You can either buy the set of three tools together, or choose an individual tool that you’re most likely to use often. Each tool is crafted from high-quality stainless steel, making them robust, sleek, and resistant to damage or corrosion. The Exlicon L starts at $26 for an individual tool of your choice, or you can bag the entire set of $79, with free shipping anywhere in the world.

Click Here to Buy Now: $26 $36 (27% off). Hurry, only 9/100 left! Raised over $47,000.