Foldable ham stand lets you save space in your kitchen

If you live in a part of the world where ham is already served to you sliced and you don’t mind that, then having a ham stand as a kitchen staple might be strange to you. But there are also some parts of the world, particularly in Europe, where it’s pretty common to have that as a fixture in family gatherings, parties, or maybe even just daily life for those who really love this kind of cured meat. Most of those available in the market however are pretty bulky so they need to make space in their kitchen for it.

Designer: Francesc Vilaro

Spain is one of the countries that take their ham “seriously” and a Barcelona-based designer has come up with a solution to the space issue for the ham stand. What he designed was a folding ham stand called Jamonero that serves its main purpose which is to hold your ham while you slice it. When you don’t need it though, it can be folded and tucked into a drawer to save space for other kitchen accessories which you may need at the moment. It’s a small design adjustment to a simple accessory but it is pretty useful especially when you don’t have that big of a kitchen or a dining table.

The foldable ham stand is made of FSC certified beech wood and stainless steel. When you need to use it to hold your ham, the arm folds out and is held in place with a bolt. There is also an anti-slip feature that should keep the holder (and the ham) in place at your table or the counter and make it easier for you to cut and serve the meat. It’s also pretty easy to clean it, either with just a cloth or with water directly. There are two “variants” of the Jamonero, a smaller one for ham that weighs 5-7 kilos and a bigger one for the 7-9 kilos of ham.

It’s little tweaks for accessories like this that make a ll the difference for something as simple as a ham holder. Each piece that they’re selling (from Spanish kitchenware brand Lodivi) was designed and produced in Barcelona so there’s also a local thing going on there. So if you regularly buy legs of ham for your gatherings or regular meals, this is something you might want to have if you also want to be able to put it away in the drawer when you’re not using it.