The Future Fire

Imagine the letter lowercase o with a flame in it. Add a little bit of the ol’ zazz and a fabulous designer Acacio Viegas, some real rules of the physical world and a square behind it. What have you, we, us, got? We’ve got the “EVO2”, an ethanol fireplace that’s based on denatured ethanol, creating a lovely fire with no smell and no smoke. That’s what’s up. This denatured ethanol is a solvent composed of ethyl alcohol. That’s not the kind you aughta be downing on Saturday night. It’s a Sunday night sorta deal.

Imagine all the fabulousness of real flame with non of the stank and none of the smoke! I don’t think I’ve heard of the smell of fire being that big of a problem for the people I know that have a real fireplace, but the smoke thing is a real design jammer. The ability to have a fireplace without the extremely stuck chimney, well, that’s a freedom.

Designer: Acacio Viegas

Evo 2 ethanol fireplace by Acacio Viegas