Terror at Top Speed!

Ever since way back in the 1990’s when I saw Cool Runnings, I’ve been terrified of downhill super-speed sports. This gives me horrible flashbacks! It rocks so hard, I can barely believe it. I’ve got such a reverence for people who are able to do this sort of sport that I can barely contain my excitement at this clearly professionally designed downhill sports board on four wheels. Zoom!

This is an adjustable skate machine. It’s got chamfered rails, trucks adjustable between 0 and 90 degrees, precision CNC machined parts, all the excellence of a perfect ride you’d only otherwise be able to get with a sack of baseplates, hangars, risers, gear of all sorts. Get yourself a drop deck, a top mount, a drop trough, evo setup, everything you’ve ever wanted.

The trucks are made of aerospace grade aluminum, the axels machined from solid blocks of chromium vanadium steel. The deck has a birch and airex core and is vacuum laminated with carbon fiber and epoxy resin. All of this fine-tuned to your specifications.

Truck width: 190-215
Ground clearance:20-90mm
Truck angle: 0-90º
Weight: 4.7kgs (adjustable)
Deck Length: 800mm
Deck Width:255mm
Londitudinal Flex: very little
Torsional Flex: no flex
Wheelbase: variable

Producers: DaPowa

Designer: Nuno Pereira