Cougar NxSys AERO Gaming Chair is equipped with RGB fan so you can game without breaking a sweat

Are you tired of sweaty, uncomfortable gaming sessions that leave you feeling like you’ve just run a marathon? Cougar has your back, literally, with its NxSys AERO gaming chair. It’s not just another run-of-the-mill gaming chair; it’s a game-cooler! Coupling cooling with a focus on comfort, this gaming chair promises a cool and comfortable gaming experience no matter the intensity and longevity.

Cougar’s NxSys AERO is equipped with a 200mm RGB fan built right into its backrest. It’s not just there for aesthetics – which one can mistake it from the RGB lighting – it’s for action! This fan ensures you stay cool, even at your highest energy levels, so you can bid adieu to sweaty back and have uninterrupted gaming enjoyment.

Designer: Cougar

The battery-powered fan is placed in the mid-back to guarantee a consistent breeze throughout, and the chair boasts an elastomeric mesh back cover for adaptive cushioning. The fan’s speed and RGB lighting is fully customizable, but the fan is just one part of the NxSys AERO’s charm. This gaming chair is designed for ergonomic comfort as well.

The NxSys AERO gaming chair features a swiveling capability from 90 to 150 degrees, a magnetic headrest you can snap onto the top of the chair to find your perfect comfort, and a physiotherapy-grade lumbar pillow built into the backrest. These features make sure you can maintain a healthy posture and reduce strain on your lower back.

The chair’s armrests and seat are height adjustable, while the bucket-style high-density foam seat has angled flanks ensuring you are well-supported during your gaming sessions. Covered in breathable PVC leather, the chair offers the perfect blend of style and function and comes in two stylish color combinations: black and orange/black to choose from. Whether you prefer a sleek, stealthy look or a pop of color, the Cougar gaming chair will set you back $399 in the US and will be available in select European markets for €449.