This spherical gaming controller for one-handed gamers promises fatigue-free fun!

Gaming is one of the best activities to pass time during the lockdowns and it helps you stay sharp too. Sure you have controllers to up your game and besides the bundled controllers with gaming consoles, there are optional controllers which offer even more. It’s good enough if you have no physical trophies, but what about people who cannot use their one hand or some fingers due to physical disability? Shouldn’t there be gaming controllers specifically made for such people, so that they don’t feel the handicap of not being able to use conventional controllers?

Moreover, gaming controllers in the market are a tad bulky and lack a sleek design for customized one-hand use. Designer Junebeom Son in collaboration with Fountain Studio has envisioned the Sticky game controller, tailor-made for gamers who have unfortunately lost motor capability in their hand or finger(s). The ergonomic design is centered around the simplicity of use, with the focus on compact form factor. Hence, came through the blueprint of a gaming controller that’s shaped like an egg, is easy to grab, and looks visually inviting for an extended gaming session with buddies.

The cool blue orb-shaped controller has the joystick controls on top with the Select/Cancel controls to one side. On the bottom, there are the power toggle and volume control buttons. Depending on whether the player has lost finger or thumb, the sticker buttons (up to two) can be configured accordingly keeping in mind the shape of the hand. The cool looking controller can be charged with a type C charger and comes with wireless charging support too. For this concept, the designers have chosen white and blue as the color options which truly match the overall design of the Sticky controller.

Designer: Junebeom Son & Fountain Studio