Apple Gears Up with Exciting Leaks of AI-Powered iPad Pro and Sleek iPhone 16

As Apple gears up for its May event, whispers from Cupertino suggest we’re in for an exciting unveiling of the new iPad Pro on May 7th. Apple is setting the groundwork for a breakthrough with what could be its first truly AI-powered device—the iPad Pro equipped with the cutting-edge M4 chip and its robust neural engine.

Designer: Apple

SONNY DICKSON: iPhone 16 devices

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg suggests that the upcoming iPad Pro represents more than just hardware updates. We should expect to see a preview of Apple’s ambitious AI chip strategy. This integration will significantly enhance AI capabilities, potentially including native Apple-developed tools and deeply integrated chatbots (think Siri on steroids) in partnership with OpenAI, thanks to recent but unconfirmed reports that Apple is back in talks with OpenAI.

Let’s not forget about the accessories! Rumor has it that the next Apple Pencil will have haptic feedback. This feature could be a game-changer for designers as it would allow them to feel the texture of what they’re drawing on, such as the roughness of a canvas or the smoothness of glass, directly from their digital pen.

This feature is significant for those in design as it allows you to see and feel what you’re drawing, making the use of digital tools more akin to using real pencils or brushes. This is particularly beneficial for anyone interested in aesthetics, such as graphic designers, UX designers, or even casual doodlers. It also offers practical advantages for 3D modeling and digital sculpture by enabling designers to feel textures and contours directly, which can lead to more precise and detailed creations. This tactile feature transforms the Apple Pencil from a simple stylus into an essential tool for artists, enhancing both the functionality and the overall creative experience.

Shifting the focus to Apple’s smartphone lineup, the iPhone 16 series is also making headlines with leaked images revealing a new vertical camera setup designed to support spatial video recording—perfect for playback on the Apple Vision Pro in stunning 3D. These leaks, courtesy of Sonny Dickson (via Forbes), show new aesthetic tweaks with new color options, including a chic violet.

But there’s more brewing at Apple. The iPhone 16 is expected to introduce a new Capture Button, which will enhance the photography experience by double-acting as a focus and shutter button. This feature and last year’s Action Button show Apple taking steps to improve user interactions through intuitive hardware updates.

SONNY DICKSON: iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro dummy mock-ups with case.

As we approach these releases, everyone in the tech community is getting excited, and that definitely includes me. Will the new iPad Pro’s AI capabilities redefine productivity? Will the iPhone 16’s camera innovations set a new benchmark in mobile photography? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for our ongoing coverage of all things Apple. Their next chapter promises to be as dynamic and innovative as ever, blending cutting-edge technology with sophisticated design to pioneer new territories in the tech landscape. You can catch the Apple event on May 7th by streaming it live on Apple’s official website or through their YouTube channel, starting at 10:00 AM Pacific Time.