This innovative controller replaces your keyboard to take your gaming to the next level

Before mobile gaming became the lucrative industry that it is today, the gaming industry was traditionally split between PCs and consoles, with each side having its preferred input device. The reality, however, is that this line between camps has always been blurry. Console players lack the precision of a mouse of aiming, while PC gamers sometimes grab a controller for titles that are sometimes better played with a joystick and buttons. Unfortunately, the latter also sacrifices the precision of a mouse and the versatility of having so many keys to use.

The best of both worlds would definitely give any gamer a winning edge, which is exactly what this one-of-a-kind controller is offering, letting you put away your keyboard while keeping your mouse and still have access to 22 buttons that you can customize to your gaming needs.

Designer: Nicolas Franco

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There are pros and cons to the different input methods that gamers use. Of course, there is no perfect device, and users unfortunately have to compromise when picking one over the other. If only you could combine keyboard, mouse, and controller without sacrificing any of them and still have a compact and portable setup. That might sound like a pipe dream, but that’s exactly what the Hex Evo brings to the table, offering a no-compromise way of combining the precision of a mouse with the flexibility and comfort of a gaming controller.

Fully Repairable Controller – Buy official replacement modules (joystick, battery, motherboard, and more) and easily swap out damaged parts for brand new ones. No soldering required.

Compatible with consoles, PCs, and Macs, the Hex Evo Left Hand Gaming Controller completely changes the game to give you the edge that you need for comfortable gaming and glorious victory. Best of all, the controller is built for easy repair, with replacement parts available to make it possible to do on your own, and never have to suffer the pain of joystick drift or using an old, degraded battery.

Combine the Best of Both Worlds – Gain an edge over your opponents by combining the precision of mouse aim with the freedom of controller movement.

Fully Replace the Keyboard – You can perform all the in-game actions that you would do with the keyboard with a true analog stick and 22 mappable inputs.

At first glance, the Hex Evo looks like the left half of a typical game controller. It allows you to precisely aim with the mouse while moving with the convenience of an analog joystick, something that feels awkward and unnatural with the typical combination of keyboard and mouse. That’s just scratching the surface, though, because the Hex Evo is fully customizable, enabling you to set it to controller or keyboard mode, and grants you access to no less than 22 “buttons” that you can map to any function. You can even assign macros, combo presses, or even assign buttons to a combination of keypresses, making it appealing not only to gamers, but also to those looking to upgrade their setup in the productivity space.

Game Comfortably – Hold the Hex Evo wherever you feel most comfortable.

The ingenious secret to this feat is the Shift key that practically doubles the number of buttons available. There’s also the fact that you can press two buttons together to create a different action, which can also be combined with the Shift key to expand the available options. And with a motion sensor, which you can again pair with the Shift key, you have two more inputs to use for any purpose you can think of. No other controller can ever match this level of customization, and that’s not even counting the programmable buttons you might have on your gaming mouse.

Ultra-portable Setup – The Hex Evo takes a fraction of the space any keyboard does, which means you can easily take it and your mouse anywhere you go, and never miss a chance to game.

The Hex Evo isn’t just a marvel of technology, it’s also an example of great product design. From its ergonomic form and high performance, to the use of durable materials and injection molding process, the controller was designed right from the start to cater to gamers’ needs and tastes. It even comes with an Evo Case that has removable foam inserts to fit both the Hex Evo and your favorite gaming mouse, letting you take your powerful gaming weapons anywhere. So step up your game and take your productivity to new heights with the revolutionary Hex Evo Left Hand Gaming Controller.

Click Here to Buy Now: $84 $119 (29% off). Hurry, only 15/30 left! Raised over $100,000.