The Current Task Light Is A Clever Little Lighting + Charging Concept For Your Desk

If you work in a commercial office or are still sticking to the work-from-home culture, in both these scenarios you will need a desk. But simply having a desk isn’t the endgame, it’s about creating a desk setup that holds a limited but quality number of products that help you achieve your day-to-day tasks. The desk accessories you place on your desk are an integral part of your home/corporate office. Not only will this improve your work routine and productivity, but it will also help you maintain a clearer and more streamlined mindset. And a smart, functional, and well-designed accessory that would be a brilliant addition to your workdesk is the Current Task Light.

Designer: Jones & Partners

Designed by UK-based Jones and Partners, the Current Task Light is yet another addition to the studio’s portfolio of simple, minimalist, and highly functional products. The award-winning task lighting + charging concept is a multifunctional product to aid in your daily multitasking and is perfectly complementary to both residential and commercial spaces. Jones and Partners wanted to create a thoughtful and well-designed solution that would allow coworkers to plug their devices across a large desk while working together. And, they created the Current Task Light – a modular and minimal task light that not only provides illumination but also doubles up as a storage space for stationery, wireless, and USB port charging.

The task light is created in two versions – first a simple task lamp with a wireless charging surface located on the left side of the lamp’s base. The charging surface is perfectly integrated with the lamp. The second variant is quite similar to an iceberg, with a certain section of the lamp base being concealed under the tabletop. The section on the desk neatly hides a larger plug-in unit, which allows both the charging modules to be interchanged when needed.

The Current Task Light is a compact and space-saving design that will occupy minimum space on your desk. The components of the lamp including the slender base and LED shade are quite delicate and won’t need much space. Currently, the task light is a concept, but we’re hoping to see it as a real tangible design very soon.