The Delft Stool and Table’s design has an unlikely source of inspiration – Oriental Pottery

Look at the Delft Stool and Table and its source of inspiration becomes immediately clear. Influenced by the world of pottery, the Delft Stool and Table look like artifacts from the Ming dynasty, with a ceramic top and three legs supporting the stool and table’s unusually pretty design. It’s surely unusual for furniture to be made from a material as ceramic, but I wouldn’t put it past designer Jaro Kose, who’s used to designing products with extremely distinct sources of inspiration. The result is almost always a design that stops you, makes you think, and then puts you in a state of awe!

The intricate and detailed design of Oriental crockery can often add a culturally artifactual appeal to a kitchen. The Delft takes that appeal and amplifies it in a way that immediately makes the stool and table appear as modern-day relics. They even come with the indigo artwork that so distinctly belongs to the world of Chinese pottery that you tend to question the design as your mind makes that association – but after it does, you just can’t stop admiring the furniture’s strong heritage!

Designer: Jaro Kose