The stylish and capable CIVIVI Mini Praxis folding knife is perfect for pockets and small EDCs

We try to be prepared for anything that life throws at us, but we can only cram so many things into our pockets or even our bags. You can make tools smaller, of course, but you also run the risk of reducing their functionality if you cut away too much. It takes diligent and creative design to strike a balance between size and performance, but it is not impossible. Take for example the CIVIVI folding pocket knife that can really clip inside your tight jeans’ pocket, combining function and style in a package that isn’t only easy to handle but also easy to buy.

Designer: CIVIVI

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There always comes a time when we need to cut through something and scissors just won’t cut it, pun totally intended. Knives are the better solution for cutting ropes, wood, and other materials, but the more powerful a knife is, the larger it usually is as well. That’s not even considering how some of these knives won’t pass certain security checks, making it a hassle to take them everywhere. Typical mini pocket knives do have the right size for portability but sacrifice not only performance but also comfort. That’s what makes the CIVIVI Mini Praxis a wonder to hold and behold, combining the best of both worlds without compromises.

At the heart of that feat is a 2.98-inch hard-use blade, ranging from 58 to 61 HRC on the hardness scale, which is not only in the perfect shape for cutting and slicking but also in the perfect size to meet most legal requirements. With a ceramic ball bearing, the blade unfolds and folds smoothly, making each flip feel satisfying each and every time. A liner lock also makes sure that the blade stays in place, keeping your hand and other EDC items out of harm’s way.

The CIVIVI Mini Praxis, however, isn’t just a sharp folding knife, it’s also an ergonomic one. A contoured G10 handle that scales over a stainless steel inner frame delivers an excellent grip, with recesses designed especially for your fingers. Jimping on the top of the blade also provides a place to rest your thumb to further enhance your hold for especially stubborn ropes or wood. And when the job is done, the built-in deep-carry pocket clip makes it super easy to slip the folded knife into your pocket and get going.

With choices of a satin-finished blade, a stonewashed blade, or a Damascus steel blade, and G10 or wooden handles, the CIVIVI Mini Praxis also exudes style in such a small package. Whether you’re out camping, trying to hook some fish, or just preparing for any eventuality, the sleek and handy CIVIVI Mini Praxis folding knife can easily fit in pockets and bags to deliver the sharpness and confidence you need to cut through any task, anytime, anywhere.

Click Here to Buy Now: $29.75 $35 (15% off with coupon code “yanko15”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!