This is the most capable, self-sufficient mini trailer designed for extended e-bike adventurers

Electric bikes are paving the way for a new genre of campers that’s hard to pass. With every elapsing week, my laptop screen is graced with a new e-bike trailer, and even if I say I am a little enthusiastic about the growing culture, I cannot just click the flip. My fingers get down to business and the adventurer in me begins to scribble.

The newest promising development comes in the form of the CapsulBike, an autonomous e-bike trailer meticulously designed for extended cycling adventurers. Given the detail and perfection with which the CapsulBike is made, one can easily make out that the ingenious creation is a result of passion for travel trailers and the fascination for the convenience of e-bikes.

Designer: TinyVroum

The brainchild of a carpenter turned inventor, Christophe La Cancellera – who loves designing trailers and wanted one to accompany his daily ride – the CapsulBike is doing rounds on YouTube. The trailer, introduced by a French company Tiny Vroum is an extension of the brand’s inclination on building compact towables. However, this compact marvel isn’t just any ordinary trailer; it is the first autonomous mini caravan to provide energy and drinking water solutions during electric bike adventures.

The CapsulBike is equipped with a functional kitchen, a bathroom with shower cubicle and a toilet, a heated single bed with memory foam mattress, interior lighting, turn signal lights, and more. The CapsulBike’s standout features are its rooftop solar panels and a battery that can recharge the electric bike and keep the trailer powered by facilitating extended journeys. The trailer has a rainwater collection and filtration system and makes provision for carbon monoxide detector and fire extinguisher as safety measures.

One of the CapsuleBike models features a rear hatch access, while another – probably the production model – has access through two side doors. Besides the accessibility, the two options are ideal in space and functionality. Stepping inside the CapsulBike reveals a mini world of convenience and comfort laid out with a sleeping area, a functional bathroom, and a kitchen contraption comprising a folding table, one-burner stove, and some storage.

The model showcased in a video demonstration features a rear hatch entry that extends the living space outdoors. This idea permits a designated area for setting up the kitchen and dining space. Measuring slightly over a meter in width and height, and nearly 3 meters in length, CapsulBike embodies compactness in its 69 kg body.

For those seeking additional luxury, optional features such as more trailer width, rooftop tent, and movie projector are possible. Despite these customizable options, the CapsulBike remains an affordable solution, starting at €3,900 (approximately $4,300).