Mantis-inspired e-bike comes with a slender, insect-like design that’s more powerful than it looks

If you ever find yourself in front of a Mantis Shrimp, don’t even bother thinking about picking a fight. Turn around, make a run/swim for it, and count your blessings that you didn’t face the wrath of a Mantis Shrimp’s punch. With an arm-jab that’s the most powerful in the entire animal kingdom (relative to size), the Mantis Shrimp’s punch accelerates faster than a bullet leaving a gun’s barrel. It’s so deathly that it can cleanly crack through a crab’s shell and sometimes even aquarium glass panels. Although the Mantis e-bike isn’t as fast as its animal counterpart’s punches, it’s best not underestimated. The small e-bike’s designed with a lean, rear-heavy frame like the Mantis Shrimp (or even the Mantis for that matter), and an electric drivetrain that delivers power to a rear-wheel motor.

Designer: Tien Hung

Termed a MiniBike, the Mantis is a compact little two-wheeler that seats one and lets its rider easily and rapidly cover distances over urban commutes. It has a unique, horizontal frame with a seat and handlebars at the same level, and a detachable, replaceable battery pack right underneath the seat.

The Mantis’ design language seems to borrow from most visual directions seen with the explosion of EVs. It’s unusual to look at, but not unsettling. There’s beauty in its design, with that edgy, low-poly form that still has rounded edges to differentiate it from the aggressive forms of EVs inspired by the Cybertruck.

The Mantis’ design challenges the visual template of what electric two-wheelers look like with proportions and silhouettes that look unique. Keen-eyed viewers will see a few similarities between the Mantis and Artem Smirnov’s PUNCH e-bike, although the latter’s definitely a lot more avant-garde. The Mantis, on the other hand, treads a fine balance between being futuristic and somewhat traditional. Unlike the PUNCH, I’m happy to point out that the Mantis at least has a seat… made from cushioned leather, no less.

The bike sports a dashboard between the handlebars, along with a charging port located where you’d normally see a fuel inlet. Right below the charging port are also two USB-A ports that let you draw power from the Mantis’ battery pack, allowing you to charge your phone and another device while on the go.

While the design of the Mantis e-bike is undoubtedly impressive, its performance and battery life are equally noteworthy. The bike’s powerful electric motor provides riders with smooth and responsive acceleration, making it ideal for zipping through city streets. The efficient battery system ensures that riders can travel long distances on a single charge, making the Mantis a practical and eco-friendly alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. The battery sports a detachable design too, letting you swap it out when you don’t have the time for a recharge.