The Polestar 1K is a self-driving robocar concept that really looks down upon human drivers!

Meet the Polestar 1K, a concept that went from design-challenge to fully-detailed concept prototype. The Polestar 1K’s journey started on Instagram as a part of the Polestar Inktober Challenge. Designer Fabian Breës took it upon himself to reinterpret the automobile company’s simple, almost architectural form language into something aggressively racy.

The Polestar 1K is a racing car no doubt, but without a driver. Its Speed Racer-inspired aesthetic doesn’t include a cockpit, is developed entirely for roboracing, and comes with a pretty obvious disdain for humankind – something made pretty evident by the fact that its rear lower wing has Death To All Humans written on it! Breës developed this sci-fi beauty taking inspiration from the evil, assassin T-1000 from Terminator 2. The electric hypercar is equipped with cameras on all ends, including a 360° camera on its central watchtower, leaving no blind-spots. If that wasn’t enough, the antagonistic autonomous automobile even comes with a secretly evil AI brain!

Designer: Fabian Breës