A DIYer’s remarkable mobile home redefines adventure for cyclists

DIYs and passion projects often remain hidden gems. Occasionally, one innovation breaks through and captures the imagination to become a marketable entity. Case in point, the Hupi trailer by Urpo “Upi” Merranmaa.

The visionary turned an ordinary e-bike into a remarkable mobile home with his ingenious creation: the Hupi trailer – born out of a desire for adventure! Back when Upi received an e-bike as a gift, he wanted to put it to some purpose, so he embarked on a multi-day journey. His days camping in a tent didn’t quite appeal to him, so he returned to build his own self-contained trailer he could tow behind his bike and rest up in on overnight halts.

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The fascinating Hupi trailer neatly combines the freedom of an e-bike with the comfort of caravan living. Unlike traditional trailers with modifiable setups, the Hupi has a fixed-roof design. Even though the headspace is not much, the single-person living unit is comfortable for sleeping and has a small dinette for your culinary requirements on the go.

The concept of bicycle campers has not really seen an outgrowth like the travel trailers and RVs, but Upi’s relentless to and fro over 5,000 hours to fully perfect the bike trailer makes it a solution worth putting your money on. If you think so, Hupi is available for purchase at a base price of €5,990 (roughly $6,700).

The trailer exterior is finished in aluminum with a thick urethane sheet running underneath for insulation. Hupi roof can be outfitted with a solar kit to power interior accessories and keep the e-bike fully charged and ready to go. On the inside a bed expands to fill the entire interior, providing a comfortable sleeping space for the solo cyclist. When not sleeping, the bed conveniently folds up against the front wall, transforming into a cushioned bench seat.

With its narrow frame, Hupi can be effortlessly pulled by any e-bike on bike paths, opening up a world of possibilities for adventure seekers within city confines. Besides the solar panel, the trailer also offers optional electrical systems, including an onboard battery, and an inverter for interior and exterior lighting and for keeping the towing e-bike charged for all adventures you throw at it.