This retro-modern two wheeler adapts to the best of mopeds, e-bikes and of course scooters

Electric mopeds are the way to go for city commuting but not at the cost of the environment. This emotion takes precedence in the current era and going forward as the number of eco-conscious two-wheeled commuters is set to rise.

The Pro.Zui electric scooter is on course to set the tone for the design of city vehicles that no longer solely rest on the laurels of past successful design iterations. It’s a cross between moped, scooter and e-bike done perfectly right.

Designer: Ognjen Docic

The daily commuter seamlessly blends a sleek design aesthetic with cutting-edge technology for an unforgettable riding experience. It boasts a range of 120 kilometers on a single charge from an advanced electric battery. The e-bike employs state-of-the-art battery technology for a long-lasting and reliable journey without emitting harmful gases or chemical residue. The electric motor sits right underneath the saddle, leaving a good amount of space for storage in the toned belly.

The driver and pillion seats leave much to be desired, as they seem like flat boards. Who would want to drive on this thing for an extended period of time? That however doesn’t take away the modern appeal of a cruise bike mixed with the retro flavor of a Vespa. Those vintage headlights contrasted with the chunky wheels give this e-bike a distinct character.

According to the designer, the scooter seamlessly integrates into your daily routine, “taking you to your destination with style and effortlessness.” Infusing a retro-modern appeal elevates the eco-conscious ride to the next level and there’s even another version coming soon. So better watch out!