Top 10 Automotive Designs That Spun Our Heads This Summer

We’ve been seeing a torrential and exciting downpour of automotive designs at Yanko Design for the past few months. Each automotive was innovative, bringing to us something we had never seen nor experienced before. From killer speed to dashing good looks, to impenetrable safety standards, every automotive we featured at YD broke some design barrier for us, and hopefully, they did the same for you as well. Hence, we’ve curated a collection of automotive designs that we feel were the best of the lot. From a wheel-less bicycle to a sleek shape-shifting bike – each of these drool-worthy automobiles is mercilessly pushing the boundaries of the automotive industry. Automotive enthusiasts will be itching to get their hands on them, and take them for a spin on the streets!

1. Wheel-less Bicycle

US-based YouTuber The Q recently unveiled the wheel-less bicycle, which quite literally doesn’t have any wheels, and depends on rotating elements to help push it forward. The bicycle quite literally works like a tank and features a rotating wheel belt that drives it forward, while ditching the usual large rubberized wheels. Given how small the wheel belt’s curved radius is, you can’t expect the bike to be super fast, but that is quite understandable.

2. Lamborghini Centenary Tractor

Ferruccio Lamborghini started off by building tractors way back in the late 1940s, and hence the company hand-built a limited-edition tractor to commemorate the memory of the Italian craftsmen. The 1960 Lamborghini Centenary limited-edition tractor is a fully-operational tractor being an amalgam of the 60s builds – the DLA and 2R DT, bears a rustic look, amplifying the nostalgic feel for someone who’s witnessed the era in question.

3. The Project M³ Concept Motorbike

Designed by Richard Huang, the Project M³ concept motorbike has an ingrained biomimicry principle for motorheads, and has a body inspired by the dolphin. The electric motor onboard is charged using a blowhole-like nose, providing it with a very lifelike presence. The dolphin is mirrored on the toothed wheel rims,  and the front headlights section too.


Called ECHO, this self-driving concept trike features a trio of hubless wheels – with the two on the front reinforced with massive suspension systems to take on any bump on the road. The trike doesn’t have a rider seat, and it is a stark view of sophistication level 5 autonomy will bring to the fore. Can you imagine this automotive marching forward along with a herd of Spot the Dog robot and an army of Atlas humanoids?!

5. The Fiat Topolino

The Fiat Topolino measures 2.53 meters and is an all-electric city EV that features a 7.2-meter turning radius and can shimmy around in small tight spaces where standard cars usually get stuck. The car has a 5.5kWh battery which churns out a range of 47 miles, and a top speed of 28mph, which is suitable for short-range mobility in urban areas.

6. The Lamborghini Vision Event Horizon

Designed by LYC.Design, the Lamborghini Vision Event Horizon is a stunning car that amps up the Italian marque’s design language in an attempt to differentiate itself from the company’s older, ICE cars. What stands out with this car is the headlight and taillight treatment, which feels slightly different from other Lamborghinis. The front of the car gives me Acura NSX GT3 Evo vibes, albeit with crowbar-shaped LED-strip headlights.

7. Gordieiev’s Bicycle with Square Wheels

Sergii Gordieiev created a bicycle with square wheels! The wheels on the bicycle don’t actually roll, but instead, the rubber on the conveyor belt-like platform rotates once you hit your foot on the pedal. If you want to really imagine the bicycle, just simply imagine a war tank moving on its metal tracks without any wheels, but it’s a bicycle with square-shaped wheels!

8. Aston Martin Valour

The Aston Martin Valour was created to celebrate the marque’s 110th anniversary. The Valour features a 5.2L twin-turbo V12 engine that produces 705hp and 555 lb-ft. of torque. It is a retrofuturistic beast, that pays tribute to not the future, but the past, by rejecting the modern, and completely embracing the muscle!

9. The Lamborghini Diablo Restomod

The Lamborghini Diablo restomod is inspired by the track-focused GTR model. This is viewed in extreme proportions such as the streamlined front grille section, side skirting, and the 3D-printed titanium rear grille with subtle detailing. This is also accentuated by the massive rear vents overshadowing the radiators.

10. The WAYRA EV-03

The WAYRA EV-03 electric cruiser motorcycle is a 100 percent no-gimmick concept that’ll please every kind of rider – be it a cruiser enthusiast, performance lover, or off-roading fanatic. WAYRA EV-03 is a bike high on personality, created keeping in mind the heritage of fat-bikes and cruiser-length bikes, while also having those minimal eye-catchy modern touches to create visual appeal.