Airstream Basecamp 20X arrives with more space & upgraded features for adventures beyond civilization

According to Airstream president and CEO Bob Wheeler, in a time of unprecedented growth in outdoor recreation, there is an urgent need to conserve and safeguard the beautiful outdoor spaces we cherish. Recognizing this, two iconic outdoor brands, REI and Airstream, have joined forces yet again to cater to the needs of environmentally-conscious adventurers seeking longer and more sustainable outdoor stays.

Last year, these two brands made headlines with their first-ever special-edition, off-road camper trailer based on Airstream’s 16-foot platform. Taking ahead from the success of their initial venture, the two are now launching the REI x Airstream Special Edition Basecamp 20X, a larger and more robust travel trailer with upgraded features apt for adventures beyond civilization.

Designer: REI and Airstream

Beyond the size, the Basecamp 20X has a great commitment to sustainability. The trailer incorporates post-consumer recycled materials into its fabrics and laminates, while the cabinetry is constructed using sustainable wood. By prioritizing eco-friendly materials and design, REI and Airstream demonstrate their dedication to preserving the natural beauty that inspires greener adventures and mindful travel.

The Basecamp 20X trailer maintains a manageable 3,500-pound base weight, making it easy to tow and maneuver, while its spacious interior opens up a world of possibilities. For instance, its convertible front dinette can transform into a lounge section post-dining after a long day of exploration. A separate sleeping area provides comfortable and efficient use of space.

The three-in-one wet bath complete with a composting toilet and an outdoor shower is located across the galley boasting green slate countertops with birch plywood, adding a touch of elegance to the wide interior. For camping in the terrains unthreaded, enthusiasts get a 360W solar system paired with dual 100Ah lithium batteries to take care of the power needs in off-grid locations.

Additionally, onboard you have a water purification system with a recirculating water heater, larger tanks for fresh and gray water. And for those seeking adventure with their gear, the Basecamp 20X offers an L-rack storage system, which allows you to securely transport bikes, snowboards, skis, and any other outdoor equipment essential to your excursions. It also includes a three-inch lift kit for additional clearance on rough roads and stainless-steel front stone guards for additional safety.

With its impressive features, commitment to sustainability, and unrivaled versatility, the REI x Airstream Basecamp 20X is now available to adventurers at $62,400. So, gear up, hitch your trailer, and embark on an unforgettable journey!