This sleek shape-shifting bike bonds with its rider like “Tsaheylu” – the neural connection showed in Avatar

Your bike is an extension of your personality, exemplifying the deep emotion of man and machine connection. But it sets new precedence if that bond is like “Tsaheylu” – the deep psychic relationship between Na’vi and the native animals of Pandora.

The Project M³ concept motorbike with its ingrained biomimicry principle is for motorheads who perceive their set of wheels not just to be a mere tool for an adrenaline-inducing rush but to have an emotional bonding with the machine. This electric bike of the future achieves what mere immortals could only muster up in their dreams!

Designer: Richard Huang

The two-wheeler’s basic body form is inspired by one of the most intelligent and quaint creatures, the dolphin. The electric motor onboard is charged via the blowhole-like nose, giving it a very lifelike presence. The cute character is mirrored in the toothed wheel rims and the front headlights section too. It’s more like an aquatic animal morphed into a machine to now be a non-aquatic speed demon.

The motorbike is made from shape-memory alloy that adjusts the aerodynamic performance by altering the vehicle’s body form. For instance, during high-speed driving the body becomes more compact and streamlined, thereby reducing air resistance. On the other hand, at low speeds, the body expands to provide better stability and traction. So, the rider is constantly experiencing the machine as an alive creature.

To elevate the feeling during low-speed driving, the vehicle’s lights will slowly flicker like a quiet and slow heartbeat. As the speed increases, the rhythm and color of the light flashing will change to resemble an accelerated heartbeat. This alive design not only adds a sense of dynamism to the bike but also enhances its visibility to other motorists during nighttime to prevent any accidents.

Unlike other concept designers who limit their automotive designs to the 3D-rendered world, this one has a 1:1 real-life version too. That effort to carve the physical model for real should increase this concept bike’s probability of getting a beating heart one day!