A Scooter for Navigating Our Crowded Cities

Our cities are nearing their limits for the number of vehicles on the road, and navigating their overpopulated streets is as difficult as ever. The demand for a compact and maneuverable form of transport has never been greater. The team behind the Unicorn Scooter has identified this need, and seized the opportunity to create a unique mode of transport!

On the first glance, you will probably notice the unusually shaped deck; this isn’t just a quirky design choice, it divides the deck so that Unicorn’s usefulness is increased. Either a second, smaller person can stand on the front section, or space can be used to carry stuff that you would otherwise leave behind!

The Unicorn Scooter packs a punch; with a max motor output of 500w, this compact scooter can propel two users up steepest of hills, and with a range of 80km, the adventure can continue all day! When it does come time to re-charge, Unicorn simply docks into the charging port using the magnetic charging/locking system. Neat.

Designers: Ignas Survila & Darius Petrulaitis