This hospital-on-wheels can travel to critical areas to immediately treat patients and victims

An ambulance’s role is to get patients to a hospital as fast as possible. While this system remains the current norm, it basically means ambulances need to make TWO trips to fulfill their purpose – to the patient, and to the medical facility. The Mobile Hospital halves that by directly bringing the cutting-edge facilities of the hospital directly to the patient. Designed for disaster-struck areas and war-torn regions, the Mobile Hospital is a complete diagnostics center and operation theater on wheels. The vehicle is roughly the size of a semi-truck, and fits all state-of-the-art medical equipment within its rear compartment. When the hospital reaches its destination, the rear compartment expands sideways to virtually triple in size. This makes its inner cabin much more spacious, allowing the hospital to effectively and efficiently treat multiple people.

The Mobile Hospital’s interiors are divided into sectors to help boost efficiency. There’s a computer at one corner for communication purposes and for reading/creating reports, a lab at another corner, a pharmaceuticals zone in corner number 3, and a treatment-bench at the last corner. This leaves enough space in the center for an operating table complete with an MRI machine and a robotic arm for precise operations. Lastly, doors on either side of the compartment allow multiple patients to be admitted and treated at the same time… unless there’s a critical case where the hospital is sealed off for high-priority treatments and procedures. When its job is done, the hospital folds back up into its compact size and transports back to its original location.

Designer: Dors Liu