One-off Lamborghini Centenary tractor is a must-have for deep-pocketed automotive collector

If it were not for a successful tractor-building company, we would not witness any raging bulls turning eyeballs. Yes, Ferruccio Lamborghini started off by building tractors way back in the late 1940s, and after being insulted by Enzo Ferrari he decided to build his own luxurious high-speed car. The first ever model, Lamborghini 350 GT rolled out of the assembly lines in 1963 and there’s been no looking back since then.

So, it makes logical sense to hand-built a limited-edition tractor to commemorate the memory of the Italian craftsman and remember his legacy that kicked off with Lamborghini Trattori. Now, the 1960 Lamborghini Centenary limited-edition tractor is the result of a trip back in time when motor racing was not a thing.

Designer: Adler Capelli

Celebrating more than 10 decades of the owner’s topsy-turvy ride in turbulent times, the tractor will be a part of only 5 unique creations marking the era. Thus, an automotive collector’s item that’s numbered four, and rare by every stretch of imagination. The fully-operational tractor being an amalgam of the 60s builds – the DLA and 2R DT, bears a rustic look, amplifying the nostalgic feel for someone who’s witnessed the era in question.

Its body is crafted from raw metal and kept unfinished to ensure it ages over time owing to the natural weathering. Adler has deliberately exposed the metal to oxidation for the patina effect, thereby increasing the value even more so. Lamborghini Centenario gets the 2.2-liter three-cylinder diesel engine from the DLA 35, the six individual side-exhaust pipes exhibit its power-churning character.

The ultra-rustic body is complemented by the classy instrument cluster, engine start key, place to keep those cigarettes and Agri Max RT 355 matte black wheels reminding of the long-gone era. All these attributes make the automotive creation elusive for a Lamborghini fanatic. For a price tag of $540,625 the one-off raging bull is surely not for the countryside fields.