Eccentrica’s Restomod Lamborghini Diablo is modernized supercar retaining the original’s silhouette

Initially, restomod builds were limited to just vintage muscle cars but the genre has eventually expanded to supercars too. This Lamborghini Diablo resurrected by Italian startup Eccentrica loaded with modern luxury and a honed performance quotient is the latest example.

To go ahead with this crazy Lambo remake of the 90s most iconic supercar, Eccentrica commissioned BorromeodeSilva studio. Other than the windshield everything else has been reworked keeping in mind to retain the original silhouette and DNA. Right from the bold proportions and cutting-edge mechanics to the interiors clad in a minimalist 90s theme. Apparently, the eye-grabbing restomod prototype was unveiled in Milan yesterday. It will also be showcased at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Monterey Car Week.

Designer: Eccentrica and BorromeodeSilva

The inspiration for the Lamborghini Diablo restomod comes from the track-focused GTR model. This shows in the extreme proportions such as the streamlined front grille section, side skirtings and the 3D-printed titanium rear grille with subtle detailing. This is further honed by the massive rear vents overshadowing the radiators. The overall length of the car remains the same, however, the wheelbase has been extended a little.

The peculiar pop-down headlights fitted with LED lights (with three different settings) have a retro-futuristic character while keeping in mind modern safety standards. They have a downward moving panel that reveals the thin DRLs for hunter eyes like glare. Under the hood the power delivery gets a boost with modifications to the original 5.7L V12 engine. New valves and camshafts boost the total output to 550hp and maximum torque to 442 lb-ft. Now the supercar gets the Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires, along with the six-piston Brembo brake calipers for a stopping power from 62 mph to a standstill in just 112 meters distance.

The interior of retromodded Lamborghini Diablo gets a subtle treatment with the leather and blue Alcantara wrapped seats. The steering column is now clad in carbon fiber and the classic dashboard look has been retained for good. Although there are no modern touchscreen inclusions that would have added modern flair to the ride. Also, we can notice the plastic inside is replaced with a much finer material.

All these improvements have shaved off the total weight of the 3,583 lbs Diablo by 77 lbs. Thus, improving the performance with 2.9 kg/hp weight ratio. Only 19 limited edition customized models with their unique built will be up for grabs for a price tag of $1.3 million, excluding the price of the donor Diablo!