FIAT Topolino is a subcompact EV for stylized urban mobility

Urban commuting is gradually transitioning to compact vehicles that can take on the tight turns and curves of a crowded city. A better alternative to two-wheelers and trikes, a quadricycle has reassured balance, better safety, and is suited for the varying requirements of demanding users.

A couple of years ago, FIAT launched the electric Citroën Ami which is a pint-sized EV designed for Gen-Z. Now the Italian auto manufacturer has engineered the Topolino inspired by the two-door FIAT 500. The subcompact car is slated to hit the market in the first half of next year in peppy colors, and that’s an interesting development.

Designer: FIAT

Measuring just 2.53 meters the all-electric city EV has a 7.2-meter turning radius for shimming around tight spaces where standard vehicles get stuck. Topolino gets the 6kW electric motor which should be ample for slow city riding. Given the small size, there’s a 5.5kWh battery which only churns out a promised range of 47 miles and a top speed of 28mph. That should be more than enough for short-range mobility in urban areas.

FIAT will bring the EV in two variants: a closed-doored and hard-topped version and an open doorless soft-topped variant dubbed Topolino Doce Vita. These two variants will have the same color options, 14-inch wheels and two-seat interiors. The only difference is, the closed version has a sunblind roof and wooden finish stickers on doors. The open version for tropical regions gets door sills, door rope and striped stickers.

Along with these base features, the Topolino will have optional accessories including a luggage bag (stored between driver and passenger), USB fan, Bluetooth speaker, thermal water bottle, rear luggage rack and seat covers that double as beach towels. In total there’s going to be 63 liters of interior storage space to haul other vital gear. No wonder FIAT tactically refrains from calling this EV a car, and labels it as an electric mobility device.

The compact EV will come at a list price of €9,890 (approximately $10,700) which is more expensive than the Ami. FIAT will position the Topolino as a more premium option and time will tell if it delivers on the promise of reliable city commuting.