World’s first hubless handmade rollerblade skates are rugged enough to go off-road too

When it comes to crazy two wheeled DIYs, there are only a handful that even come close to YouTuber “The Q” for his out-of-the-box creations. The best part, this relentless DIYer never seizes to amaze us with his eye-popping builds. Whether it’s the square-wheeled bicycle, wheeless bicycle or the airless tires.

Yet again, the inventive genius has leveled-up another means of commuting in the metropolis. An ordinary pair of rollerblade skates get the bump-up to be a capable off-roading set of wheels to tread any uneven terrain that your regular rollerblades just can’t do.

Designer: The Q

The inline skates that the DIYer owns, now graduate to a set of cool looking hubless roller skates encapsulated in a durable frame and chunkier wheels. The build kicks-off with a set of wheels salvaged from a toy car most probably that are sawed from the inside and then smoothened. This makes way for the metal bearings fitted snugly on the inside.

The next phase in this rollerblade inline skates DIY is to cut a steel frame to secure the wheels in place and act as the base for the top of the inline skates to sit on. Everything is secured in place with screws and the final step involves sanding and spray painting it to get a cool look.

Compared to some other extensive DIYs by the man, this one seems slightly easier to make by his standards. This gives keen builders opportunity to make one for themselves or their kids as a weekend project.

One thing I’d like to point out is that the wheels should be pivoting outwards by a small angle to prevent stress on the legs, and also improve the riding balance. One more thing – they’ll look way cooler with a Tron-like theme, don’t you think?