This Blade Runner-inspired, detailed yet edgy mouse design is a must-have for hardcore fans!

The internet is abuzz with news of Elon Musk’s humanoid robot – and this creation is especially grabbing eyeballs since we have seen this engineer deliver designs that were till now, something, most did not see as feasible.

Thirty-nine years ago, the feasibility of emotionally capable artificial intelligence taking over the world was virtually nonexistent, but today the dystopian future predicted in Blade Runner feels like a not-so-distant inevitability. The movie, however, remains a timeless classic, that continues to inspire generations just like it did with designer Jonas Ceppa who created the BR.CON03 concept mouse.

The mouse includes beautiful detailing/textured patterns reminiscent of the bad-ass cars we have adored in the Blade Runner series. The mouse typically shows off a clack and white aesthetic that also bring to mind a Star Wars-esque vibe. The mouse also pop-up with each part of the body, providing a visual as well as a tactical difference from the usually sleek mouse designs we see.

Add to this the orange highlights and we have a mouse that is quirky yet functional and the vent-inspired clickable buttons make this a must have for fans everywhere!

Designer: Jonas Ceppa