Urban Cyclist’s Dream Come True

While many folding helmets are designed with a number of complex hard-folds from front to back, this twist on the safety solution is collapsible down the middle. An origami-like system of honeycomb folds compress from left to right, making it just slightly wider than a medium-size book and slim enough to carry in a backpack with room to spare. Simply stretch it out to the appropriate size and throw it on to protect your noggin!

Designer: Michael Rose


  • Michael Rose says:

    This design will be exhibited at London’s New Designers 2013

  • Product tank says:

    Not sure without proper test results how safe this actually is, but great example of lateral thinking.

  • Des P says:

    Having seen this the tests are extensive against British Standards. Its real success as a product is in trying to tackle the many reasons why people opt not to use existing head protection, existing products can protect but not if people don’t put them on in the first place.

  • 5th says:

    any comparison in regards to safety standards with normal helmets?

    I think this is one of those things where “utility” comes first.

  • Max says:

    Superb idea and agree with the utility comment. Above all this is questioning the current helmet design and looking at reasons for the often poor uptake. Let’s hope this will encourage more people to actually wear helmets.

  • When is this coming to market? Put me down for one!

  • sam says:

    He’s got the snazzy helmet, all the pictured single-speed rider needs now is a set of brakes and he’ll really be safe!

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