Elevate your music experience on the go with this five-in-one Bluetooth speaker shaped like a pebble stack

Are you tired of ordinary speakers that only look so brick-like and perform a solitary purpose? Want a Bluetooth speaker system that takes your music experience to the next level with its stackable design, portable convenience, and modular aesthetics? Then rest your horses at the “Sound Stack!”

Drawing resemblance to a pebble stack, the speaker concept delivers an intense 360-degree spatial audio thanks to its innovative round design and two, differently sized, loudspeakers. That said, Sound Stack is more than just a speaker; it’s a versatile companion designed to complement your lifestyle on the go and at home.

Designer:  Jasmin Kappler

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The core of the Sound Stack is the idea of versatility. Comprising five different modules that also function independently as solo units (with a hole in the middle) or together as a cohesive system (with a stand and handle to take along), this unique design opens up a world of possibilities.

One module, the dimmable light, can be detached to add a touch of ambiance to your camping. Another module, the power bank, serves as a lifesaver for charging devices outdoors, ensuring that you stay connected without worrying about battery life. These modules are stand-alone stars, but when combined, they form a symphony of music and utility.

The Sound Stack’s control unit brings creativity to the forefront with a plug-in connection. The control module is the smallest and is placed on the top of the stack to let users take full control of their music. Mixing songs and applying effects is easy from the control center while a semi-transparent wheel here allows you to use it like a turntable, so you can incorporate your unique ideas into the music.

The two, small and large speakers placed at the bottom of the stack feature rubberized control buttons for play, pause, skip, or connecting over Bluetooth, on the fabric-laden body. Designed in a chosen blend of lavender and olive green with the textile surface, Sound Stack adds elegance and warmth to your space. Further personalization of color and texture is possible through an online store so you can make a Sound Stack truly yours!