This Japanese wood-fired BBQ grill is a modern, minimal tool every cook wants!

Want to bring the evenly cooked smoked flavors of delicious barbeque grilled food to your porch or apartment balcony with a bit of style? The BBQ&co Grill makes that possible with a unique design that unites cultures in the current uncertain times.

The pandemic has taught us a lot about keeping ourselves entertained indoors with our digital devices, but things can get boring after a while constantly staring at the screen. Casual leisure in the cozy confines of the home is now much more than just scrolling through the social network feed or DIY projects – it is more about resurrecting outdoor leisure with ease. SEIKI DESIGN STUDIO, a Kyoto-based product design studio’s refreshing barbeque grill design is a budding image of this new lifestyle prompted by the COVID-19 restrictions.

The lead designer of the project, Seiki Ishii closely analyzed the dynamics of city living without compromising on the cooking of mouthwatering rotisserie, churrasco steak, or grilling the fresh salmon sushi from the market. This cross-cultural cooking space results in an elegant and compact BBQ grill that brings home the style of Spanish and Brazilian BBQ grilling. One that is dominated by wood burnt in the chimney to create a constant fire for the most evenly cooked delicacies.

Seiki’s prime focus for the BBQ grill’s design is on the relationship between the host and the guest – wherein the person cooking the food can communicate with the guest while still concentrating on the immaculate grilling process. Called the BBQ&co Grill, this minimalist barbeque grill comes with an accompanying baking table that can be customized as per the cooking needs. Continuous and even cooking is the highlighting USP of this wood-fired grill which is further honed by its ultra-modern design perfect for urban homes.