Four Wheels Good… Six Wheels Better


Sometimes it’s appropriate to put all notions of practicality aside so we can have a little fun. That’s precisely what Australia-based Ferox has done with their first prototype, the Azaris. This six-wheeled concept tackles extreme terrain with a combination of four independent rear in-wheel motors, advanced fluid-drive power, and all-new rocker suspension. The systems work together to traverse a variety of conditions, adapting along the way to ensure the most efficient ride without sacrificing thrill. With room for two in its split open-air cockpit, you’re sure to find plenty of friends coming out of the woodwork!

Designer: Bryan Lee of Ferox Corp


Inwheel Motor

Azaris has four rear in-wheel motors and a sophisticated fluid drive system. The in-wheel motors are light, quiet and highly responsive. They are also more efficient across a broad speed range in contrast to the various categories of traditional hydraulic motors. The in-wheel motor liberates the wheels and provides Azaris with a unique set of characteristics that go beyond a traditional vehicle.


The rear wheels of Azaris are fitted with a unique rocker suspension that provides the potential to navigate extreme terrain with greater skill. The rocker structure has internal channeling for the transfer of fluid power to the connected in-wheel motors.

Coaxial Piping & Connectors

Azaris utilizes a coaxial system in which high-pressure pipes are encased by low-pressure pipes for increased safety, cooling, and fluid control efficiency. The Ferox coaxial system opens up new possibilities to 3D print the fluid channels within a vehicle structure.