The Masterchef’s Kitchen Tools from Down South!

Half the weight of cast iron, but with the ability to cook and season your food the same way. AUS-ION™ (or low carbon mild steel) is the new ‘in’ material that chefs in Australia are swearing by. Rather than having a mold that molten iron is poured into, AUS-ION™ utensils are made by forming a steel sheet into which everything from the pan to the handles are accommodated. Each utensil as a result is absolutely seamless and in one piece. No ugly rivets also mean that the resultant utensil is much stronger than its steel counterparts.

Coming from Australia, indeed the continent of Masterchefs, is SOLIDteknics, a company devoted to making beautiful, innovative, effective, and resilient utensils for your cooks. With pans and skillets that the country’s top cooks swear by, SOLIDteknics is pushing the use of Aus-Ion, a new wonder-material that cooks the way cast iron does, adding its rustic flavor to dishes, but just weighs half the weight, comes with a pre-seasoned, lifetime lasting non-stick satin finish (achieved using a shot peening process), and a seamless, sheet-formed design that adds a degree of sleekness to your kitchenware.

The show-stealers of the SOLIDteknics collection are the Bigga Skillet, and the Deep Pot (the Aussie names give it a nice touch, no?). Designed to be used anywhere and everywhere, the skillets and pots can be put on stovetops and even inside ovens. AUS-ION™ has no heat-limit as such, and can be used anywhere where food can be prepared (gas, oven, even induction). Its single-piece design comes with a certain degree of engineering that I can’t stop marveling. The handle, essentially a sheet, is bent into a U shape to give it strength, while vents are cut out right near the pan, so that heat from the base of the skillet or pot doesn’t travel all the way to the handle, making it easy to work with. What’s more, the design comes with a symmetry that enables the Deepa Pot to be used as a lid against itself, making it a pretty ingenious piece of kitchenware.

Made 100% in Australia using proprietary techniques and the AUS-ION™ supermaterial, all of SOLIDteknics utensils come with a never-heard-before multi-century warranty! You can choose from their range of 9 kitchen utensils that are guaranteed to pass the fire test for years if not centuries to come!

Designer: Mark J. Henry

Click here to Buy Now: $80.00 for the Deep Pot & $155.00 for the Bigga Skillet








Click here to Buy Now: $80.00 for the Deep Pot & $155.00 for the Bigga Skillet