Nothing headset (1) concept headphones with detachable amplifier bumps up audio listening experience

Nothing Phone 2 is just around the corner and Carl Pie is pinning down targets with maximum conviction. So, what’s going to be the next prime target in his crosshair? Over-the-ear headphones sound like the next big untapped product to capture for now.

Since we are talking about a consumer-centric gadget, a wireless pair of headies looks like the most probable bet. Whether it’ll please purist audiophiles or not, still the market is huge to get a big chunk of the pie.

Designer: Yungwon Kang

If you already loved the head (1) wireless headphones concept, then there’s another one that’ll pique your interest. These pair of cans christened headset (1) are envisioned for high fidelity audio delivered right to the ears and come with a detachable amplifier to amp the quality on demand. No need for steeply-priced AMPs, DACs or high-fidelity cables – just attach this amplifier to the outside of the headphones nd the audio instantly sounds lively.

The exterior design and color theme look inspired by the AirPods Max, albeit the round-shaped cushions lend them a signature look. The see-through character is sensibly kept limited to the outer shell of the cans, suggesting they are not open-back headphones and provide good sound isolation for noisy environments.

Addition of the dedicated amplifier module promises bidirectional audio output for a life-like soundstage. Something that’s very close to what the audio creator intended to achieve and is replicated in the output of the headphones. All the amplifier controls are embedded on the surface, while the controls for ANC, volume and power lie on the sides of the cans.

Yungwon has chosen the signature white and black color options for the headphones. It’ll be interesting to see if Nothing draws inspiration from this concept design to create a pair of wireless headphones to take on the likes of Sony, Bose, Sennheiser and Apple.