This Stylish, Sustainable, Reusable Roll-on Deodorant is Challenging the $202 Billion Dollar Men’s Grooming Industry

With its reusable, stylish metal body that doesn’t use even an ounce of plastic, the Lifelong Deodorant is openly defying a $202.8 billion dollar men’s personal care industry that generates tonnes of plastic waste each day.

A gentleman always chooses a luxury metal shaving razor over the generic plastic disposable razor… so why not do the same for deodorants? Most deodorants come within a roll-on bottle made entirely from plastic and glass, designed to be thrown away after it’s done… but the Lifelong Deodorant challenges that notion with a bottle that’s designed to look premium and last a lifetime. Made from anodized aluminum, the Lifelong Deo’s bottle comes CNC machined to perfection, with a bead-blasted finish that’s reminiscent of an Apple product. A knurled texture around the grip of the roller gives it that extra tactile finish and rugged manly appeal, and a crystal ball on the top rotates to evenly distribute liquid deodorant on you, while being durable and hypo-allergenic. The entire bottle comes with a design that can be opened out, cleaned, and refilled with deodorant powder and some added water. This keeps you fresh for years to come, and also enables you to ditch the plastic roll-on bottle, so the planet feels fresh too!

Designers: Adam Webb & Fernando Molin

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The Lifelong Deodorant’s makers claim that roughly 13 billion plastic deodorant bottles end up in landfills each year… weighing as much as 2,900 Statues of Liberty. That’s undeniably a lot of plastic waste each year – a fact that prompted Adam Webb and Fernando Molin to work on a much more sustainable alternative. The Lifelong Deodorant was born with one singular promise – to reduce as much waste as possible. As a result, the entire deodorant bottle is made from reusable materials, with 0% plastic.

The bottles also come with sachets of natural powdered deodorant, eliminating the need to ship liquid deodorant which weighs significantly more, but just uses regular water that you can grab from a faucet in your house.

Unscrew the cap and add the powdered deodorant. Add 50 ml of water. Close the cap and shake for twenty seconds.

The sustainable deodorant bottle comes in a variety of colors, with black, rose-gold, and silver anodized finishes, and up to 6 different-colored crystal roller balls that you can choose from. The makers also offer three distinct unisex deodorant options – zero-scent, citrus tonic, and woodland air. All the scents are crafted along with one of Europe’s leading, sustainable, certified manufacturers that specializes in powdered personal care products. The deodorants are all-natural, long-lasting, easy on the skin, non-fabric-staining, and don’t contain aluminum or parabens. Moreover, they come in powder sachets, that only weigh 6g meaning Lifelong can ship you a year’s supply of deodorant for the cost of one postage stamp, anywhere in the world. By omitting the water and plastic packaging Lifelong lowers transport emissions by 94%.All you really need to do is add 50ml of water to the powder deodorant and give it a good mix and your liquid deodorant is ready to go!

The makers at Lifelong are committed to ensuring that their deodorant is nothing like the competition. Aside from using zero plastic and being almost infinitely reusable, Lifelong’s deodorants are 100% free from any animal testing. Additionally, Lifelong is partnering with Seven Clean Seas to remove 1kg of ocean plastic for every Lifelong Deodorant sold, and 1 additional kg for every refill sachet you buy after the crowdfunding campaign ends. SO far they have removed more than 4000 kg’s of plastic. Moreover, each purchase of a Lifelong Deodorant comes with a free luxury travel bag, just for YD readers! Let’s see Old Spice or Axe match those odds…

Click Here to Buy Now: $74 $165 (55% off). Hurry for a limited-time free luxury travel bag for YD readers!