This jacket is designed to last a 100 years… and it’s made only with cotton, wool, and silk.

Crafted with all-natural, non-synthetic fabrics, the Century Jacket makes a bold claim – to still be functional in 100 years. The Century Jacket’s designed to be water, wind, fire, and abrasion-resistant, and is backed by maker LIVSN’s lifetime warranty and free repairs for life. So what’s the jacket’s secret? Kevlar? Carbon-fiber? Some high-performance chemically engineered polymer fabric? Nope. How about Cotton, Wool, and Silk? Unbelievable, eh?

Designer: LIVSN Designs

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The Century Jacket comes from the folks at LIVSN, who’ve crafted a reputation for building some of the most rugged, life-withstanding outdoor gear available. Following the success of the EcoTrek pants, which raised over $500,000 and even found itself featured on Men’s Journal and Forbes, the company diverted their attention to building a jacket to go with their ultra-durable pants. The result? A jacket so strong it’ll outlive anyone who buys it. Made from some of the most durable and high-performance natural fabrics, the Century Jacket’s lifetime warranty probably even covers the potential future where the jacket is worn on Mars. And if it can survive the red planet, it sure as heck can survive our beautiful blue cosmic marble called Earth.

Flattering Fit and Functional Form – Has a tailored fit without compromising functionality or comfort.

Organic Ventile Cotton – Developed by British Intelligence to keep pilots alive in WWII. Ventile Cotton was created to be cool and comfortable in the cockpit, yet warm and impenetrable if it came into contact with water.

Edmond Hillary and Tenzing Norgav wearing Ventile during the first ascent of Everest in 1953.

The jacket comes explicitly designed for outdoor use, with a construction that’s equal parts durable, comfortable, and functional. The Century Jacket’s durability comes from its use of Ventile cotton – a fabric so tough, it helped WW2 pilots stay alive in frigid waters when their planes crashed over the Pacific. It was even worn on the first ascent of Mt. Everest in 1953, and has stood the test of time as one of the most indestructible organic fabrics ever created, even being able to withstand fire while still being comfortable and breathable.

Twill-weave Silk Lining – 100% silk lining to provide unmatched comfort, even better thermoregulation, anti-microbial properties, and more moisture-wicking power.

The outer Ventile cotton shell is supplemented by a British wool filling that’s designed to thermoregulate you – keeping you warm in the cold, but cooling your body temperature down in the heat. The wool’s also capable of insulating you even when wet, and is naturally odor-resistant, so it won’t smell musty even after an all-day excursion. Finally, an inner lining made from Twill Silk gives you a touch of luxury in the great outdoors, while being soft to the touch, breathable for the skin, anti-microbial, quick-drying, and moisture-wicking.

The functionality of those fabrics is augmented by the Century Jacket’s design itself, which is built for flexibility and comfort. The jacket features articulated shoulders for better flexibility, along with reinforced elbow patches and under-arm gussets that allow the fabric to stretch comfortably as you move around. The fabric patches are double-needle stitched together for extra durability, and the jacket is reinforced at all its stress zones, eliminating any points of failure.

The Century Jacket has an understated style that’s perfect for everything from scaling mountains in a thunderstorm, to grabbing a coffee on a chilly day with friends. Zipper-lined pockets on your chest and waist hold your EDC and let you keep your hands warm, while hidden inner pockets let you store your valuables. All the pockets are silk-lined, for comfort as well as for protecting your valuables, and the outer pockets come with YKK zippers, providing durability while keeping wind, water, and dust out.

It isn’t easy building a jacket that promises to last an entire century, even more so using natural materials, but it seems to be a niche that LIVSN is deeply rooted and invested in. The company’s name comes from the Swedish word “livsnjutare,” which roughly translates to “one who lives life deeply; an enjoyer of life.” Just like the brand’s underlying ethos, the Century Jacket is built for anyone who just needs garments to live life in, whether you’re an outdoor photographer looking for reliable clothing, a camper or trekker who appreciates the rugged tactical nature of your garments, a wanderlust who wants a jacket for all climates, or just someone looking for that one all-purpose clothing to suit their style and last an eternity.

The Century Jacket has a tailored fit, and comes in 10 sizes across two colors – Olive Green and Black Navy. The jackets are designed to last and are backed by LIVSN’s lifetime guarantee and free-repair claim. However, the company does specify the most optimal ways to take care of your jacket to have it serve you for as long as possible. LIVSN recommends dry-cleaning your jacket for ‘longest life’, and spot-clean whenever needed. If you choose to machine-wash your Century Jacket, do so with the zippers closed and the garment turned inside out, on a gentle cycle setting with cold water (preferably separately from other garments). The jacket dries quickly, and LIVSN recommends air-drying it while avoiding harsh, direct sunlight. The jacket starts at a discounted price of $439, which may sound like much on its face, but then again, for a jacket designed to last a century, it works out to a little over $4 each year! Wink wink!

Click Here to Buy Now: $439 $599 ($160 off). Hurry, only 4/75 left! Raised over $365,000.