This clever flat-pack furniture can be your WFH desk or walk-in closet for hanging clothes

We are absolute fans of multifunctional and modular furniture since they never ever seem to lose their utility even after years of use. Space-saving being one of their prime advantages, the flexibility to transition from one utility to completely another is something that gravitates people into choosing them over any ordinary piece of furniture.

This modular flat-pack furniture piece carries these merits and the feature of being assembled using just straps. Yes, it has no tools, screws or hinges. This eliminates any unnecessary manufacturing processes, thereby making it eco-friendly furniture with minimal processing.

Designer: Hyunjun Yu

Dubbed “OPO=O” (that’s a very odd naming convention), the maker intends this consumer product to be a dual assembly structure functioning as a desk or a hanger depending on the need. The top and bottom panels of the flat-pack furniture are structurally robust, and each one of them supports the other for integrity. Considering these panels have to bear the weight of a workstation setup or the lateral weight of clothes hung in the walk-in closet configuration, the design has to be spot on.

The adjusting straps provide additional stability and add design detail to the minimalist panels. If we must nick-pick at something, then it would be the exposed strap fastening at the bottom that could be concealed in the panel design, especially if the desk is going to be set up in an open space. While the exposed straps could act as a foot stand, reoccurring tension on the straps with the load of the feet would not be such a good thing.

Coming on to the hanger utility, just rotate the structure at a 90 degrees angle, and you’ve got a compact, open-back cupboard.  That structure at the top and bottom panels can be turned into a hanger with the bottom section acting as a shelf. The straps also perform double utility as hangers for clothes. Those dual straps at the bottom act as visual dividers for the section below. On top of the OPO=O one can keep seldom-used items to reduce any visual clutter.