Meet the Wisdom Tree, a bookshelf that looks like a Christmas tree and works like an ambient lamp

The name Wisdom Tree is perhaps the most apt for this bookshelf. Books impart knowledge, and when you’ve got a book-rack modeled on the shape of an evergreen tree, what better name could you possibly think of?! Meet the Wisdom Tree… it’s part bookshelf, part ambient-light. It illuminates your books and your space with a warm glow, while providing up to 5 storage racks for your current-reads. The shelf’s angular platforms let you stack the books open and face down, so you don’t really need a bookmark. Just lift up your book and begin reading from the page you’re on. Made by the same guys who designed the wonderful Bookniture series, each Wisdom Tree is made from birch plywood and is carefully assemble with build in USB powered warm white LED light.

Designers: Mike Mak & Plateaus