Meet “the first truly DIY acoustic pod” that every commercial office space needs

Honestly, in time I’ve really come to love office pods. Office pods have gotten supremely popular ever since COVID-19 hit, not only do they create little isolated spaces to work in, but they also provide a whole other level of privacy, that would have been otherwise unimaginable and completely unattainable in a commercial office. There are quite a few versatile options on the market when it comes to office pods, and a pretty neat and super cool one I recently came across is the Jetson Office Pod.

Designer: Mute

Designed by workplace furniture brand Mute, the Jetson office pod is described as “the first truly DIY acoustic pod”. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? Well, it is! The Jetson office pod intends to make office pods flexible, accessible, and easily obtainable so that they become a common sight in commercial offices. Built using durable and lightweight aluminum, the Jetson office pod can be assembled and put together within 30-60 minutes with the help of two people, and absolutely zero tools!

“Our goal was to create a new office essential. That’s why it’s the most accessible pod on the market, in every sense of the word: from attractive price, fast delivery, to a revolutionary, do-it-yourself assembly system and long-term warranty,” said Mute founder Szymon Rychlik. Everything about the Jetson office pod was designed and curated to make it easy to buy, easy to put together, and easy to use – making it a truly user-friendly design. The office pod also features movable add-on accessories such as bookshelves and magnetic white boards to it amp up its functionality and customize it according to your needs and wants. The various accessories can be placed on the walls of the pod – whether inside or outside, and at any height, resulting in more utility for you, and a dose of added personality for the Jetson pod!

The Jetson office pod is available in black and white, and it also comes in an option of two different sizes to cater to diverse offices and their varied needs such as video calls, focused work, meetings and conferences, and moments of privacy where employees just want to grab some much needed alone time.