Stretch Desk is a minimalist desk with a spinning leather bookstand that let’s you customize your workspace

I spend a substantial amount of my day on my desk, typing away to glory. Most of the time I also end up eating my meals on it! And binge-watching on Netflix as well. And I’m sure that’s the case with most of us, since working from home became the new norm, and our home offices became our new hang-out spots. But having a great desk is really important! Simply a ‘good’ desk won’t do either. A great desk helps us work comfortably and effectively. It puts us in the right mindset, helping us achieve our daily productivity goals and checkmark all the tasks on our to-do list! Not only should our desks be clean, but they should also sport an ergonomic and functional design! And good looks are an added bonus. And finding a desk that does all of the above can be a Herculean task. And one such stunning and functional desk design I recently came across is the Stretch Desk.

Designer: João Teixeira

Designed by João Teixeira, this minimal wooden desk is called the Stretch Desk, and quite rightfully so. The Stretch Desk is a quintessential example of Teixeira’s work which is always minimal, clean, and well-designed with interesting little details. His nuanced designs are a huge success on Instagram, and the Stretch Desk is no exception. The desk features a spinning leather bookstand that swivels through a pivot point, allowing the depth of the stand to be changed according to your personal need and requirement.

The playful leather bookstand is what gives the desk its name, and also enables you to customize your workspace – from creating more surface area to work on to adding more storage space. The swiveling pivot point is located on both sides for convenience, so you can easily switch up the stand’s depth to give you a boost of productivity while working. You can flatten it to create a larger and more generous workspace, or you could unroll it and create extra storage space. The various wooden elements and intricate details of the desk add a rather nuanced and well-crafted feel to it.