The folding ruler gets immortalized with a beautiful all-metal construction

Designed by Makers Cabinet, the same people who brought us the exquisite IRIS circle drawing tool with the aperture-inspired mechanism, the Stria is a reinterpretation of the folding ruler, crafted entirely out of steel or brass. The Stria builds on Makers Cabinet’s series of fine stationery, joining the IRIS circle-maker and Hovel pencil sharpener. With two metallic arms pivoted around a center, and a dovetail hinge for more precise movement, the Stria revives a classic, making it better, more long-lasting, and more of a collector’s item.

Available in a choice between matte steel and mirror-finish brass, the Stria comes with edge-to-edge markings for more accurate measurements and opens up to double in size, allowing you to create long straight lines. The metal build means higher tolerances, resulting in more precise control, and the dovetail hinge comes with its own thumbscrew to let you tighten or loosen the hinge’s movement. Open the Stria and the hinge intuitively snaps at 45° increments, giving you wonderful tactile feedback as you operate it, and the hinge itself is engineered to be highly durable and can be used for years before being passed down to younger generations, just like a finely crafted fountain pen.

Like all of Makers Cabinet’s stationery, the Stria is designed to last a lifetime, and to be the kind of stationery your hands and eyes will fall in love with, over and over again!

Designer: Makers Cabinet

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Stria Ruler – Unfolding Creativity

The Stria is an elegant portable folding ruler machined from solid brass or steel designed to last a lifetime. Sketch, draw and measure whilst on the move.

The Stria lays perfectly tight and flat on the page with its dovetail hinge with tactile feedback that’s flexible enough to use on various sized paper.

Folded or Open


Stria will always settle neatly as you write, measure or cut. When extended, it lies angled to your page for ease of use.


Edge to edge markings makes precision measuring effortless. Stria is double-sided with a 30cm scale on one side and 11.8″ on the other. The scale includes 0.5mm measurements up to the 5cm mark.

Craft & Design

Stria consists of two arms that pivot around a dovetail hinge. The hinge is engineered to be highly durable, meaning you can count on passing down Stria for generations. It incorporates a grub screw to adjust the friction within the hinge, allowing you to set the perfect resistance for Stria. Tightening the hinge is done with the special thumb screw which comes with every Stria.

Opening Stria is gracefully smooth, paired with tactile feedback to intuitively click into place at 45° increments. Stria creates lines and angles with unmatched satisfaction.

Time Honoured Materials

Stria is available in two high-quality materials and finishes, both are refined and durable. The Brass Stria is mirror polished with sandblasted details and laser engraved markings which increase visual contrast.

The brass will oxidize with use, cultivating a timeline of your creative moments. Brass Stria can easily be returned to its original shine with a quick polish.

Stainless Steel offers unmatched durability with its stone-ground finish. Stainless Steel will not oxidise and is effortlessly maintained.

Click Here to Buy Now: $75 $98 (20% off).