A DIY movable office that doubles up as a storage space for your tools… and comes in a box!

With COVID-19, came the new norm that was work from home. Although, at this point in time, work from home is our way of life, and we’re doing pretty well with it. I personally love doing up and revamping my home office whenever I can. I’m always looking out for new ideas to do it, but there was one that I had personally never encountered. Ever heard of a DIY home office that comes in a box?! Yup, me neither. But OPEN SOHKO DESIGN and NOSIGNER designed exactly that in the form of the ‘Re-SOHKO TRANSFORM BOX.’ The transform box is a space-saving platform that can transform into a lot of things, mainly your own manufacturing office, simply by unfolding it!

Not only does it function as a workspace with a desk for you to work on with your laptop, but it even functions as a workbench wherein you can build a variety of things! Amped with nifty storage spaces for your tools and other supplies, you can set up Re-SOHKO TRANSFORM BOX anywhere, and get some hands-on work done. When folded, the box is roughly the size of a standard distribution pallet making it extremely easy to move around. Not to mention you can build the portable workspace all by yourself! The designers have shared the schematics for free, allowing you to easily set up and build the DIY box, and also customize it according to your preferences.

The Re-SOHKO TRANSFORM BOX is truly a one-of-a-kind workspace, that you can build and customize all by yourself. It helps you sharpen and test your crafting skills as well. It’s a multifunctional design that not only functions as a movable workspace but also as a great personal storage space for your tools. The benefits of this innovative design are endless!