This transparent old-school cassette player combo can also serve as Bluetooth speaker

If you grew up or were alive during the time when cassette tapes and players were the in thing, then you probably at one point or another long for those days. You want to have them back not just for nostalgia’s sake but because the quality was pretty good since the audio is not that compressed yet. There are some product designers that have brought concepts to bring a version of cassettes back, but most of them are just for decoration. But now it looks like you can get something that’s close to it and maybe even better.

Designer: NINM Lab

The device is called It’s Real because people might think the cassette tape and player look is just for aesthetics. But in fact, it’s an actual cassette player that also serves as a Bluetooth speaker. Well of course the design also brings a nostalgic and analog feel to your space but it’s also pretty functional. It serves several purposes like a Bluetooth Speaker to stream your music through its cassette tape, a music transmitter tape that can stream your music through any boombox or cassette player, and an actual cassette player with a built-in speaker.

If you still have any traditional cassette tapes, you will be able to play it on the It’s Real player which already has a built-in speaker. The design also lets you see the tape rotating in all its working details glory since it has a transparent top cover. You’ll be able to see the tape itself rolling along and then the clockwork and motor work doing its thing at the back. It also comes with a REAL TAPE bluetooth 5.0 music transmitter tape which you can use to stream your music to other boomboxes or any device that has a cassette player.

But if you don’t have cassette tapes or any cassette tape player, you can just use the IT’S REAL device as a regular Bluetooth speaker. You just connect your mobile device with the music or audio apps that you use to the REAL TAPE Bluetooth cassette tape and then stream your digital music and files there. It of course cannot guarantee the same quality as the analog devices of old, but at least you have an aesthetic speaker to add to your space.