Simply The Braun Pivo

Question: How to combine the technical features of a reflex camera with the reduced size of a compact?

Answer: The Amazingly beautiful self-exploration work by designer Pierre Francoz

Designer: Pierre Francoz


  • Matthew says:

    I really like this!!! I am inspired to make a design using a similar idea but different product category.

  • Boh says:

    I want one! This is the power of good and practical high end design. Very nice!

  • bnovar says:

    What a cool design!

  • Otto Müller says:

    the final design has no ralation to the old braun camera. the final result is a total no-brainer if you think about it. i am sick of people who make random shapes and just put some random brand on their designs to trigger some “good” design nerves in your brain, but it actually sucks. like every posting on yanko. its sad, in past there you can find inspirative stuff, nowadays you see only shit of wannabe designers who shows how bad they are in design in every concept rendering. even the renderings are bad. who teaches this?

  • jj says:

    I have to agree with Otto here! I don even know how this design answers the question posted above. But this kind of answer:

    “The Amazingly beautiful self-exploration work by designer Pierre Francoz”

    is just pathetic.

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