SwitchBot Hub 2 keeps your smart home working in harmony with Matter support

Modern homes are slowly but surely becoming smart homes, adding Internet-connected devices around the house to make our lives safer and more convenient. These can range from smart bulbs to smart ovens, and there’s a wide variety of brands to choose from. Unfortunately, that also means that some of these brands speak different languages, depending on whether they decide to support Apple, Google, Amazon, or something completely different. That, unfortunately, means that some of these smart home products can’t work together, making your smart home feel a little less smart. Fortunately, these companies themselves have wised up, and you can now enjoy the fruits of their collaboration with the new SwitchBot Hub 2 that now comes with Matter support.

Designer: SwitchBot

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A Better Foundation for your Smart Home – SwitchBot Hub 2 supports old infrared appliances and can help make them smarter.

The promise of a smart home quickly loses its appeal when you suddenly realize you will need different apps or different hubs for different sets of smart devices. That will hopefully become a thing of the past now that the new Matter standard is on the scene, supported by most of the major manufacturers and smart home platforms. Of course, that still requires that these devices or at least their hubs support Matter, which is where the SwitchBot Hub 2 comes in.

Adding Matter support with the SwitchBot Hub 2 is no small matter. SwitchBot made a name for itself with small robots that made regular appliances “smart” by pressing switches, turning locks, or even opening curtains, all controlled through the Internet. In addition to that same innovative versatility, the SwitchBot Hub 2 allows SwitchBot Bluetooth devices to be controlled using any Matter-compatible platform over Wi-Fi, which means you will be able to connect these SwitchBot products via Apple HomeKit. This also means that you can also use the third-party smart assistant of your choice, be it Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri.

Temperature, humidity, and light all directly through your device.

See clinical changes in your home environment via the app.

The SwitchBot Hub 2, however, is more than just a Matter-enabled smart home gateway. It’s actually a 4-in-1 smart home device, with the hub being just one of its many talents. The SwitchBot Hub 2 is the first Matter-enabled hub to feature a Thermo-Hygrometer sensor so that you can monitor temperature and humidity changes in real-time. This information is shown on an LED display that can intelligently change its brightness depending on ambient light. It also retains SwitchBot’s popular IR control function, taking the place of your old remote to more conveniently control older appliances that don’t support Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. There is also Scene control that lets you create manual or automatic Scenes that can run multiple actions from one or more triggers, like turning lights on and opening the curtains in the morning.

Aside from the SwitchBot Hub 2 itself, you won’t even need to buy new SwitchBot Bluetooth products just to reap the benefits of Matter. The latest version of the Switchbot app on the App Store now supports the Hub 2 with Matter, and both SwitchBot Blind Tilt and Curtain are now Matter-comptabile, with other Switchbot Bluetooth products scheduled to follow one after the other. For just $59.49 $69.99 (Use Coupon Code “YANKOHUB2” to get 15% off) and available now on Amazon, the new SwitchBot Hub 2’s advanced features and future-proof Matter support give your home a long-overdue smart upgrade with an elegant minimalist aesthetic that will fit any interior or motif.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59.50 $69.99 (15% off with coupon code “YankoHub2“). Hurry, deal ends on April 12th.