Pill Time! Pill Time!

Uh oh which one of my pill alarms is it? Oh it is the one that says take the Yanko Pill, because I’m about to get hit in the face with another industrial design concept. This is the “3Medis,” and quite simply: it is an alarm which tells the user to take a pill. It’s easily programmable, made for elderly users, and has a built-in calendar and kind-hearted voice.

The system displays a calendar and personal health information when needed, like insurance and doctors names, etc.. The pills you need to take are programed into the machine. When the machine recognizes that a pill must be taken, it shoots off the alarm.

When the alarm goes off, it vocalizes the medicine that must be taken, and displays an image of the corresponding bottle, along with the dosage (of liquid or pill(s.))

Sidenote: I like the wrench icon. I hope it means “hit pill with wrench before ingesting.”

Designer: Miguel Vaz