Decorative Samsung TV Stand turns your television into plant-inspired ‘jungalow’ home decor

Having only recently gained popularity, the Jungalow design style involves allowing plants to take over the home decor in a way that gives it a wild, natural touch. The word Jungalow comes from combine Jungle with Bungalow, and focuses on comfort and coziness with a bold expression of color and an overt use of indoor plants. Designed to match the Jungalow style, this Samsung TV stand comes from the mind of Jonathan Assaraf, who entered the design into the Dezeen x Samsung QLED TV Stand Design Competition.

Assaraf’s stand looks nothing quite like any TV stand you’ve seen, in that it takes its plant-based inspiration extremely seriously. The stand looks like it’s made from curved pieces of bamboo shoot or wicker, although it’s actually molded steel. This different approach allows the stand to borrow the physical properties of steel (its strength) without necessarily opting for a design that feels commonplace. The Jungalow-inspired stand adds a natural touch to the otherwise man-made character of the television, and looks even more appealing from the back than it does from the front!

Designer: Jonathan Assaraf

Although made from metal, the stand can be finished in a variety of gloss, matte, or metallic shades to fit in with your home’s decor. It’s dynamic and eye-catching, but doesn’t serve many functions apart from elevating your TV off the ground (you can’t height or angle-adjust your TV either). To add extra functionality, however, Assaraf designed a clever horizontal rod that can then be used to suspend hanging planters, because if there’s ever a thing a Jungalow needs, it’s more plants!

The stand is just conceptual for now (as it was a design competition entry), although there’s nothing stopping Samsung from actually building something out for their latest QLED TVs. The company’s always looked to create waves with its television aesthetics – the Ambient Mode on the QLED TVs, and the Sero TV come to mind. Here’s to hoping that Jungalow TV stands end up becoming a reality in the future!