Don’t Be Square

From keeping record of the sun’s rotations around the earth to the face of a clock, we have always used circles to track time…. but why are our calendars square?! The Round Method is an annual calendar that begs this very question. Its circular structure corresponds to the year more sensibly than conventional calendars and with its all-encompassing visual nature, its perfect for long-term goal setting. Get it here in a digital version you can print. See how it works —>

Planning with Round Calendar starts in the middle. The annual goals and resolutions can be written in the gray circle in the middle. This makes them visible at any time and they don´t get lost in daily business. The annual goals can then be divided in project phases and weekly goals by gradual detailing in the further segments. Finally, appointments, milestones or deadlines can be inserted exactly. The connection between higher-ranking goals and daily work is established and the overview, as well as the details are visible at any time. It facilitates reaching goals and being successful and is perfectly suited for staying focused on annual goals and resolutions. But like conventional calendars it also reminds you of your daily appointments or deadlines. The combination of both possibilities makes the Round Method a powerful tool.

Designer: David Schellander