Japanese-Inspired Minimal Workspace Is The Flexible Meeting Space Modern Offices Need

Employees have slowly but surely made their way back to corporate offices, and it is certainly a transitionary phase where they learn to adapt and settle down in an office space once again. In such a situation, it’s important to add well-designed furniture designs that help them feel comfortable, space, and motivated in their workplace. And adding the right furniture designs can greatly contribute to creating an office that is conducive to motivation and productivity. And an interesting addition to modern offices would be Okamura’s Lives Post + Beam workspace.

Designer: Okamura

Designed by Japanese furniture brand Okamura, the Lives Post + Beam workspace is designed to be a flexible + versatile workspace for corporate and commercial offices. The focal point of the workspace is that it includes a frame with sliding wall panels. What’s interesting is that the various wall panels are customizable, so users can customize the square frames with fixed or moveable panels that can be attached to the top rail. The panels are available in whiteboards, sound-absorbing felt panels, or wire mesh panels. This allows companies to create contemporary work spaces that are tailored to the personal needs and requirements of their employees, allowing them to boost their productivity, and provide an optimum output.

“Lives Post + Beam is the ultimate solution for businesses and organizations looking to create an environment that fosters communication, collaboration, and innovation. Its seamless blend of form and function will revolutionize the way people interact and work together in shared spaces,” said the brand.  The Lives Post + Beam is available in twenty colors and is designed to provide a flexible office meeting space that can be either closed for private meetings or opened up to create a collaborative and conducive environment.

The aesthetics of the Live Post + Beam are quite minimal, and Japanese-influenced. The form of the workplace is simple, clean, and precise, with utmost emphasis being laid on functionality and practicality. The Live Post + Beam is a generous and space-consuming design since it intends to provide employees with a fully-equipped and well-endowed working space, where they can quite literally find everything they need! Multiple Live Post + Beam workspaces could be added to the various floors of a commercial office, installing flexible and free-flowing meeting spaces on each story.